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At FT IT, our ERP solutions empowers each & every client with cost effective yet unparallel quality Information Technology integrations & development. Our simple usability ERP Software product empowers every client to focus on their core competency leaving their back-office functions to us.

FT IT ERP Expertise



Right from conceptualization to design and development to marketing, we have years of experience in our bag for rich software solutions & development.


Streamline your business processes, improve efficiency & security, have integrated information, design your reporting structure with dedicated customer service & support.


Our expert support team is always available as and when needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in any matter that concerns you.

ERP Solutions We build

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Key benefits gained from a FT IT ERP Solutions


Gain real-time visibility of performance across the business to help make agile decisions.


Uncover new sales opportunities and sell more, faster, to existing customers.


Increase stock turn and reduce product wastage with improved inventory efficiency.


Drive lead generation with powerful marketing automation and detailed analytics.


See insights on business trends and opportunities with real-time business intelligence.


Reclaim time by reducing manual processes and removing process bottlenecks.

We don’t spread buzzwords, we trust in our capability


Endless Possibility

Our solutions are scalable and suitable for every back-office business process management. Our high caliber professionals work with passion and enthusiasm to cater to every small, medium and large companies of almost every domain.

Rich Experience

With our years of development experience and strong business history we have the caliber & proficiency to deliver high quality technology solutions. Our software products have assisted several SMEs and MSMEs towards an incremental growth. Our client base includes a wide range of industries.


Data & Security

At FT IT, Data security is maintained throughout the entire SDLC and implementation. We use a comprehensive approach toward security, by applying multiple security protocols at every step of your project. Our comprehensive approach toward security extends across our entire infrastructure, application, process and personnel.

Cost & Delivery Model

Our “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery model has been very effective. It not only guarantees you the latest innovations in technology but also spares you from a heavy capital investment. Regardless of the business type or business size, our team ensures you make the most of it by implementing our software solutions.

Service Orientation

We strive to provide best-in-class ERP solutions for all your business requirements. We provide one-on-one client engagement regardless of the service you need. We are here to assist you with all your ERP needs. From need assessment to delivery throughout the complete life cycle we keep our clients well informed about the development.

Support & Assistance

We support our clients with innovative ERP solutions and aim to provide exceptional value through cost effective and time bound implementations. We believe in building long term relationships with all our clients and ensure that they think of us whenever required. We care and respond to all their needs, and requirements.

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